We know what makes Strata garden and grounds maintenance work successful, and we listen to the special needs of our clients. 

We accomplish works, with a close eye on the budget, for your Strata. We regularly meet with the Owners' Corporation and file reports thereto as per an Agreement. 

Your schedule is committed - 100% - and your programme of works is scheduled every year, updated quarterly. You have the information you need to run your Strata at your fingertips. 

Timely regular maintenance ensures that the owners and residents are generally happier - the property looks fabulous and they feel confident in their investment and resale potential, adding to the general amenity of the property.

Having the same contractor undertake less usual works in the grounds inspires confidence with and for the Owners Corporation. You know what we do, how we do it, and are more comfortable because you know what we do for you.

Our GPS locked invoicing system confirms when we arrived and when we left, so any time-based charging is accurate.

We do the work. The numbers are known. The Owners Corporation looks good. Your finances are well managed and predictable. Everyone wins. 

We want you to be successful. 

Contact us about a site visit and let's talk.