My Garden Guy looks after rental properties in three ways:

  • Scheduled maintenance for landlords and managing agents
  • Scheduled maintenance for tenants
  • End of lease remediation. 


Scheduled maintenance for landlords and managing agents

  • A property that is leased out to tenants can suffer damage, both internal and external. 
  • Inside? That's a a lower risk, unless you're unfortunate enough to have a bad tenant. Think about Landlord Insurance. 
  • Outside? Sometimes, even a 'good' tenant can ignore the lawns and gardens and leave you with a shocking mess at the end of the lease. 
  • Scheduled, timely maintenance can mitigate that risk. The outgoings of choosing a garden and lawn service provider may be part of your negative gearing or other financial activity, but should be very high on your risk mitigation list.
  • Choosing a planned maintenance program from a service provider protects your investment and fits in with most investment practices and profiles. 
  • Do you want a happy surprise, or the other one?


Scheduled maintenance for tenants

  • Did you rent a property which has a garden?
  • Living a busy lifestyle?
  • You want to do more with your life than mow lawns and pull weeds?
  • Talk to us about a scheduled maintenance program that will work to make sure you can keep your bond. 
  • We also have an 'Exit Plan' Programme - we do things, timed to when you'll vacate the property, to make sure that you give the lawns and garden back in the condition you received it at the beginning of your lease. 
  • We'll help you. 


End of lease remediation

  • Tenant? Did you forget to look after the gardens and lawns? Ooops! We can help you.
  • Landlord? Tenant forgot to do a heap of stuff? The garden looks like a feral paddock? We can help you.
  • We can take that mess and make it like new again.
  • Talk to us. We can work out a plan that will make everyone happy.  


Contact us for a quotation. We're happy to help.