Putting a property on the market? Grounds need a refresh? We're the experts you need. 

A well prepared garden can easily add $10000 to $50000 to the sell price of your property - and it costs far less than that - way down in the percentage points of the total sale, perhaps even with tax advantages*. Well prepared gardens and lawns are just about the best ROI you can have in your invest-to-sell strategy. 

Making the decision to sell your property rarely happens urgently - it usually takes three, six or more months. In some cases, it takes years. Use that time to prepare your garden to look its very best. 

The reason for a well prepared garden is twofold: 

  • Kerb appeal: How will people feel when they first see your property? If they don't like it, they may not even get out of their car. 
  • Risk Mitigation and Prudence: If the outdoors hasn't been well looked after, buyers may ask themselves what kind of disasters are there going to be lurking inside the building? Badly looked after gardens usually mean badly looked after everything else and can either scare buyers off or cause them to offer a much smaller amount. 

Pre-sale preparation can take two major forms:

  • Rapid Preparation - 'Slash and Burn'
  • Progressive Preparation

'Slash and Burn' is an unkind description for what happens when vendors rush a property to market and choose the lowest bidder. Other service providers brutally hack the garden to pieces using poor technique, making it look like a five dollar haircut - ugly and awkward - a condition which can't be disguised and sets experienced property buyers on edge. We can perform a rapid service for you, but using superior knowledge and techniques means we can adjust the result so that it's more pleasing and subject to less scrutiny. 

Progressive preparation means doing the work in parts, timely, so that the effect is that of a well-kept garden, albeit on a truncated schedule. We can roll back the years, make your grounds appealing and give prospective buyers that satisfaction of everything being well done. 

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* Check with your financial advisor. This may vary.