We excel at caring for lawns.

Your lawn is a beautiful asset to your home, both illuminating and contrasting with your landscaping, garden beds and hedging. It's a place for your children to enjoy. It's a place to play and exercise: sport, yoga, and lazing. It's a pleasure to walk on to de-stress at the end of the day. 

Obviously, the basic necessity is to cut the grass to a preferred height, using the correct machinery and technique. You know and love your grass and lawn. We know which process makes the difference between a patch of grass and an admirable lawn. 

Timely mowing, fertilisation, and control of pest flora and fauna combine to make the difference in how delightfully your lawns are perceived.

Climate change also has an influence. Each of the previous five years has displayed a different precipitation and temperature profile (i.e. the rain and heat came at strange times compared to 'usual'). We know how to accommodate what each year's characteristics present.  

Allow us to assist you. Make contact with us. We're here for you.