Pressure washing is amazing! 

Commercial grade pressure washing systems make an incredible improvement to the appearance of hard surfaces around homes, commercial sites and industrial facilities. Our planar rotary washer units mean that muck is controlled, so there's no mess - just a lovely clean result that will please you. 

Using high pressure cool water, the amount of filth that comes off even a suburban driveway is amazing. Paving? Those porous pavers capture so much gunk over the years - almost unimaginable amounts of horrible gunk. The same goes for brick houses, concrete commercial buildings and warehouses with pebble-crete walls. 

We also offer a house washing service. Can you imagine how much dust and other airborne gunk has deposited on your home? Remember that smoke from back-burning? Did it make you sneeze and cough? It's stuck to your building. Can you imagine how that can impact your health and your children's health? Time to pressure wash your house. 

Cleaning sandstone is one of our specialties. The right amount of pressure and optional chemistry, and application of optional surface sealants, makes the difference for your investment in the appearance of your property. 

Likewise: lichen on terracotta roofing, moss on stonework in your grounds? We can clean it away. We can make it look fresher and younger. 

A good clean, once a year, makes everything look so much better!

We will help you with the following types of pressure washing services:

  • High pressure.
  • Low pressure.
  • Soft wash.
  • Organic and other wash.
  • Pure water wash. 

We wash any flat and rigid surface, horizontal or vertical or anywhere in-between, so that it looks fresh and clean. 

Obviously, we're environmentally sensitive. When chemistry is needed, we offer organic and other methods - and you choose what you prefer. We respect our clients' preferences. 

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