The first secret of a luscious, green and verdant garden is: water

How busy are you? Do you have the time and spare energy to water your garden? No? We have a solution you will love

Your own automated irrigation system. It's not expensive. ROI? Fast. 

We can install an irrigation system to water your garden and lawns without you having to lift a finger. Does that appeal to you? 

Your new irrigation system can be connected to your town water taps, any tanks you may have, or a combination of both. 

Smart irrigation controllers can detect when it has rained, and how much it has rained and adjust the watering schedule and amount. That saves water and money. You win, twice!

Remarkably, modern technology has made garden irrigation very affordable - and effective and efficient. 

Would you like more time to spend on those things that matter to you?

We're happy to make you and your garden happy. Contact us