Enjoying a beautiful garden with your family and guests is one of the joys of North Shore and Hills District living. Doing it yourself isn't as much fun. 

We can put the joy back into your garden. My Garden Guy can do all the hard work, and you can relax and enjoy. 

We attend to:

  • General maintenance, pruning, lopping, hedge trimming - the mundanities that steal your weekend from you. 
  • Upgrades - give you a fresh new look. 
  • Clean-up - getting things back under control when nature has been a little too enthusiastic in your absence. 
  • Fertilisation - revitalising and making the difference between ordinary and wonderful. 
  • Irrigation - freeing you up to deal with the things that matter to you. 
  • Pressure washing - make your hard surfaces fresh and clean: driveways, sandstone, houses, roofing and more. 
  • Pest control - getting rid of that little plague sent to test you. 

Contact us to arrange a free quotation.