Our site is SSL secured. This has been implemented to secure your contact information when you fill in any form on our site. We want to protect your privacy. 

We will not request any personal information or payment details via e-mail or any other unsecured vector. There is one point of contact for payments for My Garden Guy. When you become a client, you will know who that is. Yes - we're secure

Terms and Conditions specific to your work site are included in the quotation provided to you. General terms and conditions are on this website. 



Antisocial or unlawful behaviour by clients or any other person at the appointed site will cause the agreed service(s) to be terminated.

Any quoted amount will be due and payable in full within 48 hours. Resumption of service will be discretionary. 

If other service providers are to be at the work site on the day which your service has been booked or otherwise agreed, you are obliged to advise My Garden Guy and those other service providers of the presence of each other, not less than two full business days in advance so that all service providers can communicate and arrange a work plan. Service fees may apply from any or all service providers to accommodate your requested works. It may be necessary to change work plans to achieve an optimal result. Please respect service providers and avoid surcharges. 



We will not enter into a business arrangement with a person who cannot reliably or comprehensibly communicate with us. This includes both written and verbal communication. 

Failure to communicate reliably includes persons who do not reliably speak, read and write standard Australian English or similar English, and persons whose mental capacity could be observed to be diminished howsoever. 

If you communicate with us on the part of a person or party then you will become the party with tho the agreement or contract is made. You will be wholly liable for any and all expenses related thereto. You will be the person or organisation responsible for all events which incur a cost or fee, and you will be required to pay any invoice related to any and all activities executed with or by your instruction or with your permission. Failure to pay will cause you to be subject to aggressive debt collection and reporting processes. 

 If you have any queries, please contact us.