We accept payment by cash, bank transfer and credit/debit card. 

For a first appointment, payment by your preferred method must be received in advance:

  • Cash on the day, prior to the execution of the quoted works; 
  • Bank transfer, verified as having been received not less than one full business day prior to the commencement of the works; or
  • Credit/Debit card payment where the card and identification is sighted, processed and recorded before works begin.

Payment terms and conditions specific to your first project will be in writing in your e-mailed quotation. 

Ongoing appointments are to be paid as per an agreed secured payment schedule relative to each site. 

Terms and conditions relative to your project or ongoing service will accompany your quotation. 

Special terms and conditions apply to advertised offers. Those are available as per a URL (website link) mentioned on the advertising material. 

All quotes are in Australian Dollars. Payment must also be in Australian Dollars. We do not accept any other currency or Bitcoin. Method(s) of payment will be noted on your quotation.