"I don't know what you do, but my garden always look so fresh and nice when you're done. I'm happy!" - Mrs BH

"I love what you have created. This is the garden I wanted." - Mrs LN

"The other guy murdered the lawn. He worked it like he hated it. You care for it. It's beautiful." - Mr DT

"Thank you for you for years of service. We have to move away for my husband's work, but we will be back and we will look for you again." - Mrs UL

"You always make the lawn look so clean and smooth and green! How do you do it?" - Mrs KD

"You saved me a fortune on high reach lopping. Thanks!" - Mr KB

"I want a hedge 'there'. No, 'there'. Yes, 'there'. Make a hedge 'there'... Oooh! Nice hedge!" - Ms ET

"A new listing needs their place to look good"... "You made it look great! Thanks, mate!" - Licensee, Upper North Shore Real Estate Agent, Mr NS

"Thanks for making it all look so nice!" - Strata Treasurer and Chairman Mr BD and Mr QU

"You did what? It's under budget? Looks good!" - Mr EN


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